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All available downloads have been installed and tested on WindowsXP/Office 2000 and some other combinations, but please check the "Compatible Systems" link on each page.

You can download some PDF files here .

If you download a program and would like to be informed when updates become available, please Contact Me .

I will use your email to inform you of updates and will not distribute it or employ it on a CC list.




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Best Fit

Best-fit is a generalized means of making best use of resources. Best-fit is employed in my best-fit-toolbars macro, that re-arranges your displayed toolbars to make the best use of available space.

FREE Download


Fast and simple time-tracker and reporter

FREE Download

Budgeting Time

A sample Excel 2000 workbook.

FREE Download


Set your own week-length, languages, styles.

FREE Download

Color (MS PowerPoint)

Set your own colors to Characters, Words, Sentences, Paragraphs, Shapes and Slides

FREE Download

Color (MS Word)

Set your own colors to Characters, Words, Sentences and Paragraphs


One-click indexing; smart enough to locate all the Interesting Words in your document and build a regular index. Much MUCH more.

FREE Download

Mini UnderTheHood

A stripped down version of Under, paraphrased from my blog http://macrosinminutes.blogspot.com/

FREE Download

Most Recently Used

See what Microsoft SHOULD have done with the File menu in Word, Excel etc.

FREE Download

Pan and Zoom

Sample code to illustrate the user's ability to pan and zoom on an Excel Chart

FREE Download


Pan and Zoom In/Out on any Excel chart.

Coming Soon!

Project Manager

VBA developers build a library of VBA code across your hard drive, remove deadwood procedures and data from your code.

Coming Soon!

Revenue Expenses

A sample Excel 2000 workbook.

FREE Download


A set of tools for cleaning up legacy Excel workbooks

FREE Download

Table Functions

A set of procedures for relocating formulas in Microsoft Word tables.

FREE Download

Trail Blazer

Blazes a hyperlinked trail through any document. Helps you, and your readers, make sense of what is written.

FREE Download

Under The Hood

Over 600 Word macros to help users of Microsoft Word

Under The Hood

Excel Macros to help users of Microsoft Excel

Coming Soon!


Smart page zoomer for Excel. Works out the best zoom factor BEFORE you print.

FREE Download


Pre-emptive spell-checker saves you hours of repetitive work

FREE Download


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