Christopher Greaves
32 Grenville Street
Suite 402
Toronto; Ontario


Like everyone else, I'm fed up.

Unlike everyone else, I decided to do something about it.

Two years ago I began using "POP3 Scan Mailbox" and implemented a simple "Black List".

I decided that any email with an '@' sign in it was spam.

That solved a lot of problems straight away.

Placing all my current correspondents on a "White List" solved a whole lot of minor problemms.

Which left a raft of potential correspondents out in the cold.

Just like you.

For you I implemented the little email button above.

Click on the button and your email program will launch with

(1) My correct email address in the To: box and

(2) A pre-fabricated Subject: which I guarantee will pass through my spam filters - as long as you don't modify the subject on this, your first email to me.

Once I see your email, I'll add your name to my White List.

I like this technique because

(a) You don't have to worry about typing my email address correctly and

(b) I can change the subject line on my web site as frequently as I want; a simple update to my white list ensures that the new subject gets through.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Really I do.

If you are nearby, drop in and meet me.