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Christopher Greaves


A collection of papers/pages describing my efforts to surmount (sometimes esoteric) technical problems with computers.

Traps for Young Players

Turing and his Turing Machine

A Means Of Implementing “Undo” On GUI Forms

Résumé Fabricator

Using Notepad to Track Your Time

Exclude specific domains permanently from search results

Migrating From Office 2003 to Office 2013

The Excel Utility Function Library

The Word Utility Function Library

Harvesting Code

Disseminating Podcasts with FeedBurner

A Company is Known By the Data it Keeps

Security of Files

Proper Case and Camel Case

Single Instruction Computer

Advanced Query Syntax (AQS)

List Numbering for Word 2000 and later versions

Installing and Using a RAM Disk

Hardware Problems

Speed Tests - I record snapshots of speed tests.

Faxing - Not with the old grey Ricoh machine plugged into the telephone cable snaking from the wall.

Excel Tips - Use Excel like a professional

eBooks - Let’s create some, and put them up for sale. We might make our lunch money.

Color will speed up and enhance your delivery of Word documents and PowerPoint presentations.

Multiple Boots on One Computer - There's no need to recycle that old computer.

Password Generation - Here’s a solution to password generation

Speedup - what to do with your old laptop which is running pretty slowly

Embedded Images - manage the image-handling so that the user can’t corrupt the source images

Most-Recently Used (MRUse)

Document Conversion - 15 years experience with Document Conversion And Cleansing

Stain - Cleaning up a Workbook

System Recovery - Strategy for System Restore Points and System Recovery

Screen Shots - make semi-classy screenshots with a colored border


BackAll - A collection of DOS batch files capable of backing up all your networked machines to one or more external backup drives

Compressing Documents - Reducing the size of a Microsoft Word document file

What’s Wrong with My Document?

Windows Tips

Using a Photograph as a Postcard



Templates And Documents

Calendar generates a 1-page monthly calendar for your business needs

Christmas Cards

Headers (and Footers)


Proje (ct manager)


What Went Wrong with the Mailing? ( Mail Merge )

Build an Excel Library

Best Fit Algorithm (Minimize Wasted Space)

Subscribing to Podcasts

9 Times Out of 10


Table Functions in Microsoft Word

Styles in Microsoft Word


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