2017-11-13 Mon

Failures in Advertising

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Somewhere to the north-west of Toronto on the way to the Markdale region- Grand Valley, Flesherton and so on.

I was pleased that they knew that raspberries had a pee in it, but ...


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My traveling companion (that is NOT her doing the online Sudoku Puzzle!) had found a diner that served Newfie Food.

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Here I am with my belly full of Black Pudding (Newfoundland-style, not real Bolton style), Chowder, Newfie Fries, Clam Strips, Hash beef and much else.

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The diner had a sign, but we drove past it three times before we spotted it. A second place “Steve’s” is on the north side of the gas station. Donna’s is on the South Side. 5199864400 if you get lost, as I did.

French Cafés in Toronto

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“Café M” on Yonge Street between Wellesley and Bloor is still my closest approximation. I have taken to their Cortado, which is a Double Espresso with an equal volume of hot milk, but not frothed, just flat.

I have been spending too much cash there, so dropped $10 on a chaudière – a stove-top espresso pot – and am now caffeining myself out at home every morning.