2017-11-09 Thu

Distracted Legislation

No matter how you measure it, there are too many pedestrians being injured or killed by collisions with vehicles.

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Private Members Bills are, of course, a great way of getting your name into the papers. “At least they are doing something about it”, but I bet that a quick survey of Private Members Bills in the province of Ontario (pick your own state) would reveal a success rate of less than one percent. That is, Private Members Bills are not something you can count on.

The fines, too, are trivial. A Fifty dollar fine to save potential taxes of thousands of dollars are pretty long odds. Better off spending an hour at Woodbine playing The Slots, you ask me.

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It is not really a ban. It is an interconnected set of weasel-holes down which the weasels can scurry at the first sign of danger. You know who the professional weasels are.

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And as usual, we already have all sorts of laws on the books should we require the local cops to harass the local populace. And tourists.

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But now we come closer to the nub of the matter. Which is that although we “should always pay attention”, we “have the right”.

Let me translate that for you: “You need not be responsible for your safety because the law is on your side” while you are lying on your back in the roadway.

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Of course, were there not too sides, what could the lawyers have to argue about, and so why have laws, and so why pass a Private Members Bill?

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And here you go: Having the right of way trumps factors by a ratio of about five to one. Sorry, is trumped by a factor of five to one against.

My observations around downtown Toronto are that half the pedestrians waiting at crosswalks have their eyes fixed on the pedestrian lights, and as soon as the green-walk man symbol comes on, they step off the curb. I do not see eyes or heads turning to check that no vehicles are nearing the intersection.

Too I see docile cow-like pedestrians waiting for the lights to change when there are no vehicles within coo-ee, and then negotiating the crossing as a phalanx of cars approaches the crossing.

That is insane to my way of thinking.

If there are no cars within two hundred yards of the intersection, for your own life’s sake, use the intersection. Use the space and get the hell out of the way BEFORE then vehicles arrive.

There are no accidents.

There are only collisions.

And collisions can be avoided by a separation in time and space.

There is ONLY Time and Space.

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My bottom line is that People with a Weapon Have a Greater Responsibility than Those Without a Weapon. People with Power Have a Greater Responsibility than Those Without Power.