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The more space given to Irrational Arguments, the more irrational the debate grows.

Arguments such as ďIf you can choose to wear a Bikini ...Ē are irrational.

Some twenty or so years ago a court in Ontario, or Canada at any rate, upheld the right of Women to ďGo ToplessĒ in public, thanks to an ardent and I suspect mis-guided activist. So far I have yet to see a top-naked woman in all my wanderings around town. (I have not yet entered the Topless-a-Go-GoĒ place on Yonge Street. Give me time.)

For all I know any case banning the wearing of a bikini would be tossed out by the same court.

But there again, I have yet to see a bikini-clad woman in all my wanderings around town. I tend not to hang out at Cherry beach or at car shows.

If you wore a bikini to lunch at The King Edward Hotel, or indeed at The Eaton-Chelsea Hotel, I have no doubt that you would be asked to clad yourself in more cladding. Those are not public establishments.

Likewise any branch of the Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, Toronto Dominion and other banking establishments.

The Canadian Society has a dress code, and it is not enshrined in law, and it has a gray area (when is a bikini not a bikini? When is a bra-and-scanties not a bikini?) but the grey area is sandwiched between a black area and a white area. Bikinis are looked on with admiration at the beach, and my two-piece suit would be frowned on at the same place.

Track suits are OK in almost any place at all nowadays. Iíve watched a guy sit with his baseball cap firmly on his head throughout a concert in a regular church. (The fact that I write ďregularĒ hints at gray areas!).

I just know that when I walk in in my neatly-pressed dress pants, long-sleeved dress-shirt neatly pressed, and an open smile on my face and twinkling eyes that respond to the greeting, Iíll get attention, service, and as likely as not, exactly what I am looking for.

Dressed as a street-tramp, I will not.

In this case I have a choice. My choice. And my dress code dictates how I will be received and perceived by Canadian Society.

I learned this in Singapore some forty years ago when I arrived dressed smartly in Western-Australian shorts with long white socks. Long pants are the name of the game in Singapore.

Morneauís Standards

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I too hold the belief that Office-Holders Ė be they Federal Ministers of Finance or Lowly Police Constables Ė are or at least should be held to a higher standard.

Thatís why I find it Reprehensible that a Prime Minister will break election promises.

What kind of an example does that send to Children and Youth? Out with the scoundrels. Anarchy canít be worse. Itís practically here now.