2017-11-06 Mon

College Park Update

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Yes, you are right. Nothing has changed!

We are now at the end of the second year of re-sodding this area. One more year to go.

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The sign that announces the three-year project has been torn down

Work began in March 2016, but there is no way it will be completed this year. My guess is August 2018 at the earliest, mainly because there are rarely any workers on the scene.

I walk past often enough to be able to spot if anything is going on.

Nothing happening on 26th October, a Thursday, at eight-thirty in the morning.



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I have become a member of the largest visible minority in Toronto. Congratulate me!


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Markus Knecht is partly right Ė there are Road Trains in Australia, but they tend not be appear in built-up areas.

If you search the web for images the photos will be taken way out in the bush, for example between Port Augusta and Darwin. Think New Orleans to Winnipeg with only one place with a population of more than 1,000 in between.

Road Trains work fine in desolate areas, but in Ontario we are talking about the 16-lane 401 highway that runs through the city.

Of more concern to me is the Canadian Driverís inability to Overtake trucks of any size.

Car Drivers here tend either to slip-stream about twenty feet behind a big semi-trailer, or to grow tired of that and pull out and drive alongside the big rig.

Canadian Drivers seem to have no sense of the danger of being in the vicinity of a big truck.

If it takes a Canadian car driver three minutes to inch past a 53-foot trailer, will we wait nine minutes for them to work out what to do with a Platoon?