2017-11-05 Sun

Bikes of Toronto

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Shown above is the Type of Bike Lock you ought not to buy.


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I am unsure what to make of this. Most of the time when a Lane is Closed it is closed completely.

I donít mind walking past a Concrete Truck that is spewing concrete into a tub. The tub is on the ground and I am safe.

I donít mind waiting ten seconds while the tub becomes airborne; I have nothing against the Crane-Driver and am willing to give him a head start. (Question: Of the 168 construction cranes in Toronto, how many are crewed by women?)

In the lane shown here I began to wonder if pedestrians were being singled out as ďFair GameĒ.

Boston Pizza

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Our local Boston Pizza finally opened. It has been a year in the making. I wandered in to see what it is like.

For starters, it is not on the Ground Floor. There is a smooth Elevator with a smooth elevator guy to press the buttons for you.

Once upstairs it is a Boston Pizza, a small version of their normal-size Sports Bars, TVs displaying the four major sports.

The Pizza is just as good, and the service very friendly and un-hurried I suspect because of the low number of diners.

I suspect that it wonít last long. This is Yonge Street where folks expect to be able to see the Interior from the street, where folks expect to walk straight in without the hassle of an elevator.

On the other hand, I like lots of attention when I am out dining by myself, so I might be back sooner than otherwise.