2017-11-04 Sat


More thoughts.

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You can’t have it both ways.

You can be devoted to God and cover your face for religious reasons. But then you can’t expect everyone else to believe in your God and your religious reasons.

If you are free to choose to believe in a GOD, then I am equally free to choose not to believe in a God, and in particular, I am free to choose not to believe in the God of your understanding.

If you are free to believe that covering your face is an essential part of your religious beliefs, then I am free to believe that not dealing with someone who covers their face is a part of my religious belief.

In short, this way madness lies. Brought on by irrationality.

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I chuckled at the prospect of facing discrimination on account of facing coverings.

I also question the reasoning and the rationality of someone who uses terms like “access my body”.

“access my body” carries sexual overtones.

I might say, once I am stripped naked, lying on the bed, awaiting my lover, that I give her access to my body. That proposal of course carries risks. Is my lover free of communicable diseases?

I might say when I visit my doctor that I give him access to my body. There are still times and places not to touch, and times and places to touch, so the rights are pretty well-defined.

When I thank someone by shaking hands, I give the access to my body, both the small part of hand-contact, and the larger part, a small risk, that once they rasp my hand they will do some sort of Ju-Jitsu and throw me over their back.

When I pass through airport security I may have to submit to a pat-down or a body-search. That’s part of the deal.

What’s my point?

Well, once you include “seeing any part of my body” in the definition of “access to my body”, of course you must become a hermit, if only to avoid 7.6 billion pairs of eyes!

Toronto Public Library

So I go away on Holiday for two weeks and when I return my World has been turned Upside Down!

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Where the Holds Shelf used to be is now the DVD collection.

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And where the DVD Collection used to be is now the Holds Section.

Not only that but my Favorite Librarian got Promoted right out of My Branch and is now Head Librarian at another branch.

I am making a Slow Recovery ...