2017-11-01 Tue

Clear Thinking

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Chantal Herbertís logic used to sound pretty good when I could download the CBC podcasts, but in print, this article, like so many other articles about Quebecís Bill 62 (isnít a duckís nose called a bill?) by this and other writers seems to me to have gaping holes.

I think much would be gained (as in pulped trees not being cut down) if people stood back a bit.

(1)†Sunglasses seem to be a fair target to me. Sunglasses at the beach, or in the car on an especially bright day are quite OK. But sunglasses Indoors seem to me to be either fatuous or overly defensive, and since the best form of defense is attack, you have me worried.

To the argument that someone completing a form at a Service Canada Outlet might be recovering from a dose of ophthamologists eye drops, I say that perhaps you shouldnít be filling out that form until your eyes have settled down enough to read what you are lettering anyway.

(2)†Reportedly there are not more than 100 women wearing Hijabs in the Province of Quebec. If so, then it seems to me that there is, here, much ado about very little.

I can respect the rights of one hundred women to wear the hijab as long as they donít want to deal with me. That means that they are free to walk past me on the street. (I have some qualms about all-enveloping garments worn when driving a vehicle, just as I do about footwear such as flip-flops (Aust: ďthongsĒ) or bare feet when driving a vehicle).

But I think that if I were still delivering business-computer training I would feel hampered by a face-covering that hides a hint of a smile or, for that matter, a furrowed brow. Trainers pick up on body-language. We know that it is the person tucked up against the wall in the back row who will need the most help, and it is the people who arrive early and grab a seat in the front who will deliver the most delicious challenges.

The situation of a Full-Face Covering never arose in my days of teaching, and I donít know how I would deal with it today.

I do think that there is too much fuss being made about the issue today. On both sides.


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