2017-10-30 Mon


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Someone took a photo of me while I was trying to take a photo. Maybe I pressed the wrong button.

Reading from left to right:-

(1)The kitty-kat money box which holds two toonies for my Saturday Morning Coffee at the Eaton Chelsea Hotel

(2)Two re-used water bottles ready for action.

(3)Elastic bands taken from books that have been held for me at the Yorkville Public Library. One of these days I値l find a condominium building and drop the ball from a top balcony.

(4)One re-used sardine tin with the rim removed; holds stray pencils, pens, USB memory keys, odds and ends

(5)Elastic bands waiting to be strapped onto the ball

(6)A cloth wallet holding paper slips that read 的f you want to improve your English, I want to improve my French/Spanish/Slovene. I wasn稚 game to add 敵erman

(7)One re-used cat-meat time which holds spare change from my pocket after a shopping expedition. There is another one just like it in the bathroom, holding quarters for our washing machines.

(8)One handy nozzled jar of white glue, good for building models of canoes, repairing minor problems with books, and other time-occupying tasks.

(9)One of several coils of spare ear buds. The Source offers for five dollars a two-year replacement no-questions-asked guarantee on ear-buds, so if you game the system right you can build up quite a collection of fresh new ear buds.

(10)An ATM envelope with the remnants of this week痴 grocery budget cash

(11)A wallet pretty well devoid of cash. I look forward to having my wallet stolen, in a way, for the thief will get about ten dollars in banknotes, tops, plus a Toronto Public Library card.

Toronto - The Gritty City

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No, this isn稚 about President Chump. Although what newspaper nowadays can resist the impulse to issue eye-bait?

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First off, a 14-storey condominium building isn稚 a vey tall building nowadays. Although dear old The Masters just south of the airport is a bit of a landmark. In 1990 or thereabouts the pointy-roofed building adjacent to 53553 Dundas West by Kipling Subway Station went up, and until a year ago it was quite a landmark. You could see it from highway 401.

Nowadays 6- or even 70-storey condominiums are all the rage (and what a lot of rage there is, too) and when a new one goes up, you almost can稚 see it because it is just-another-60-storey-condominium.

Second off, the article says 田ondominiums, not 塗igh-rise, so I assume that apartment buildings are excluded from the mix.

What struck me was that 400 condominiums comes out close to one every month for ten years, and I rather suspect the pace has been picking up, so chances are that the rate IS one every month over the past FIVE years.

And since most of these new condos are downtown, you can begin to understand the rage of retired computer nerds who find not only their regular sidewalk home blocked, but also the nearest alternate route blocked as well

It is time to start taking a packed lunch for a trip to the local library.