2017-10-28 Sat

My Vacation

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No, this isnít about the Sears Layoff and ruin of the lives of most, it seems, of its labour force.

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Today I not only know where the Avalon Mall is in St Johnís Newfoundland, Iíve eaten at an excellent restaurant (Fog City) while there and rented a car from Enterprise, right across the road.


Computer History

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I fell in love with computers in May 1967. In those days I still wrote to my Uncle Richard who, at the time, worked for the Central Electricity Generating Board in London UK. He wrote back to me that ďtheyĒ were now using computers to do more than conduct random walks of an oil-droplet in nine dimensions (I was so full of myself, even back then). Computers were being used to design computers that were then being used to design computers.

I accepted this with marvel, not really understanding it, but four years later I was employed by ICL to help design languages, and design, develop and deliver the compilers and interpreters to make those new languages useful.

Today I amuse myself by building Turing machines and Robots in Microsoft Word Visual Basic for Applications.

Why, then, do I get a thrill to learn that Microsoft (or any other company) is using 3D-printers to produce hardware for computers?