2017-09-30 Sat


I’m nothing if not cheap, so I grabbed the three-dollar sun hat in the Goodwill Store, but when I arrived home found that it had no vent-holes to let hot sweaty air escape.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170923_110839272.jpg

My first effort at using a high-speed drill to drill holes failed. As did my efforts to tap in brass grommets from a kit I bought at Dudley’s Hardware on Parliament Street.

So I tried dabbing a spot of wood glue at strategic intervals around the hat, and while the dab was still wet and showing right through the material ...

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170923_110852653.jpg

... I dabbed a bit of wood glue on the opposite side.

Once they had dried for twenty-four hours, the drilling was easy.

Now to have another shot at those grommets.

Clear Thinking

I’ll ask it again: Why do we need new laws when the ones that are already on the books deal with distracted driving?

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In the National Post of Saturday September 23rd 2017 Chris Selley holds forth. Please see my two posts of a couple of weeks ago.

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I don’t want novelty.

I’d be happier if the politicians were given brains and started to use them.

We already have laws about dangerous (distracted, ...) driving. Multiply the penalties by a factor of two each year until drivers stop driving dangerously. Shouldn’t take more than ten years. (Two to the tenth is ten to the third, hat is, about a one-thousand-fold increase).

It isn’t the driver who has just caused death or bodily harm that worries me as much as the other 999 drivers driving dangerously who are not getting the message that, I am told, causing death does.

Make the penalties equal, and severe, and the message will start to get out.