2017-09-18 Mon

Clear Thinking

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In an online forum one or two years ago I said that this business of trying to make Vehicles Independently Autonomous was a load of hooey.

I said that it made more sense to Equip each car with WiFi so that it could Communicate with other Vehicles.

It is, after all, how Human Drivers try to Avoid Collisions nowadays.

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Well, what a deadly surprise. The truck and the car werenít talking to each other, and they collided.

(1)†The Software Algorithms to do this are available. They have been used to simulate the flight of a flock of birds.

(2)†Watch the Old Movies of San Francisco circa 1906 and watch the Car Drivers, Horses, Pedestrians, Trolley Drivers, Wagon Drivers and all living stuff communicate with each other by eye contact and gesture. We just need to implement that in vehicles at, thankfully, a blindingly faster processing speed.

Bad News Hits Home

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I have been logging the gradual reduction in direct sunlight into my apartment as the two new condominiums go up on Grenville Street. About two months ago I recorded the total elimination of direct sunlight. Sad.

This week the City announces plans to build Ė guess where? Thatís right, hard up against my east wall windows AND my north wall windows.

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Two years from now I will be staring into someone elseís apartment, unless they keep the curtains drawn.

No longer will I be able to peek out the window to see if it is raining, or to watch the occasional jet plane come in to take people away on vacations.


Christopher Greaves M4Yc_Coroners.png

The two adjacent rectangles are the two new condominiums on Grenville Street. The one to the left went up 2014-1016, the one on the right 2016-(almost topped out now)

The little yellow square is where I live, disturbing nobody.

The L-shaped area is where the new 60-storey condominium towers will rise.

I shall be living in an air-shaft, as shown in those movies of the slums of New York City.