2017-09-10 Sun


My vacation in Newfoundland will be good. All the same I am kicking myself for not returning to the idef this year, in part because we are into September and “I could have been there by now”.

I could have planned for, say, two weeks in Monterreau or Coulommieres, but spent one day in Poissy enquiring about volunteer work for the next year, maybe even starting volunteer work there and cancelling on the other town. Rats!


Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170906_193509550.jpg

I have little patience with intolerant drivers. This one has parked in the centre of the sidewalk – not hard up against the kerb edge, while she waits for who? What?

She is immediate;y adjacent to a parking garage, and across the street is a vast concourse of the Intercontinental or Four Seasons hotel. A vast concourse anyway.

Yorkville Avenue is traditionally blocked solid while cars trying to enter or leave the parking garage block eastbound and westbound traffic while trying to break into said streams (there is always a gap; I walk this stretch six times a week at all hours).

By parking where she is, she has made the entry and exit from the garage that much more difficult for other drivers.

Yes, that’s the red-brick Toronto Reference Library in the background. My branch, Yorkville Public Library, sits between the clock tower and the glass condominium on the left-hand side of this image.