2017-09-05 Tue

Clear Thinking

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A Basic Precept in Western Law is that of Presumed Innocence. I am innocent until proven guilty, and in criminal cases, I think the phrase “Beyond Reasonable Doubt” creeps in.

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So I noted this with interest. Now, this is not in a court of law, and the Immigration Wallahs seem to be a law unto themselves.

And it may be that the article is poorly written, but right now it seems to me that because the government alleges (that is, it is not yet proven), therefore he is inadmissible.

We will see.

The Houston Floods

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It would be wrong to dismiss this as just another example of Texans Bragging about how big it is.

None the less it makes for interesting reading when facts are strung together.

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This caught my attention. Note that we are discussing the impact of a Rise in Sea Level, And Toronto, last time I looked was 246 feet above sea level, so it ought not to be threatened until long after most of populated England is drowned. Not to mention Australia.