2017-08-29 Tue

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Off to the CNE today, a great day. Grand weather, accommodating people. Superdog show and an ice-capades sort of show. Walked too much, ate too much and too badly.

I saw my friend off on the GO train then headed back to take the 509 streetcar to Union Station.

To reach the streetcars you have to re-enter the CNE grounds and hang an immediate left. You wave your Toronto Transit Commission seniors ticket at the CNE gate and say “I’m heading for the streetcar”, and the gate guard says “OK” and turns to process the next entrant. You hang a left and make your way to the streetcars.

In the image above you can see a streetcar that has just dropped off passengers arriving at the CNE. That was me this morning at ten o’clock. I walked towards the photo, but on the other side of the fence that separates the Toronto Transit Commission area from the CNE proper.

The Toronto Transit Commission in its infinite wisdom has separated the two streams of passengers dis-embarking and embarking. Those of us embarking in the afternoon must re-enter the CNE grounds by waving a $2.10 Seniors Ticket and make their way to the boarding platform. That’s why I’m following the three young people up ahead of me.

It is quite a walk, and you will notice that FWIW I am inside the CNE grounds. Way up ahead is a Toronto Transit Commission ticket barrier with a man who will watch me drop my ticket into a box, and who will issue me a paper transfer.

But I am way out of site of the CNE gate guard. Who has better things to do than keep an eye on me.


In theory you can save sixteen dollars or more by having your going-home ticket to hand and waving it at the CNE gate guard, and then just casually wandering out of line.

I’m not joking.

I confirmed this with two Toronto Transit Commission managers partway along my walk, and I confirmed it with two Toronto Transit Commission employees at the entrance to the boarding platform. My theory is confirmed by four regular uniformed Toronto City Council employees.

Next year ....

Toronto Police

As I walked around the CNE grounds watching people I noticed the typical lack of engagement between the pairs of strolling cops and the public in general. No small kids looking up at a policeman. No parents taking the opportunity to advise their children “Always ask a policeman”.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170825_073200785.jpg

There is a general air of separation between Toronto Cops and the public, and to me most frighteningly, the law-abiding public. Why should this be so?

The Toronto Police offer a secret society where stealth-cars are imposed by stealth, where policemen are almost always pardoned by the SIU, and where the SIU seems to be populated by ex-cops.

It is a secret brotherhood, set apart from society in general.

I have read, but cannot conform, that a problem stems from cops being recruited from outside their policing area. The cop I see where I live quite possibly lives twenty miles away, and is not a part of my community.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170825_073206554.jpg

This was a great photo of Police Chief Mark Saunders with his head buried in his hands. I cropped it inelegantly because I wanted his quote, which I here rephrase:-

You know, just because you carry a gun doesn’t mean you have to use it.