2017-08-24 Thu


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A year or so ago I noticed a Good Idea on the east side of Yonge Street just north of Eglinton. A new building going up with a lovely large space for delivery trucks, garbage trucks and the like. No, the site engineer told me. Thatís open only while we are doing construction. Once we are done it will become a bank. Sigh!

This week I noticed a new building on the south side of College Street east of Spadina. The Service Entrance sign looks permanent, and the alley way extends all the way to the southern end of the building.

Can this be the start of not having service trucks parked in the right-hand lane of our streets?

Perils of Resignation

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As Robert Townsend would tell you, it is always the good ones who resign. They have the confidence to get a better job somewhere else, if they havenít already been hired.

So it was with Harperís Government. So it was with Fordís mayoralty. So it is with Trump.

Good staffers who can think recognize a bad situation and get away from it before it does their career (or sanity) too much harm.

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What a pity. I donít know Adam Kammen from Daniel, but I would bet money that if he, and the rest of the crowd who are fleeing the sinking ship of state, were kept on board and the ship turned around (is it asking too much to get a new captain before the waves get much bigger?), the world would be a better place.

To my way of thinking, all that fleeing the ship accomplishes is that the ship will sink much sooner.