2017-07-16 Sun

Toronto’s Slack Workers

In so many cases it is not the mess and confusion caused by construction jobs as the duration of the job. I’m not saying that crews are slackers or that the workers spend a lot of time goofing off, but ...

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This crew began work on August 8th 2016. I recorded it in my diary.

They knocked off between November 2016 and June 2017, leaving ropes banging against our windows, and the residents courtyard locked off and blocked off with construction equipment.

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What was the job? Replacing the cladding on not four, but only two sides of our eleven-storey building. That works out to one floor per month.

Also the 8th floor sun-patio was locked and blocked for that time.

Both patios are STILL blocked and locked, even through the work has finished and the scaffolding has been dismantled and trucked away.


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Because like all projects in Toronto, this one is considered finished when it is ninety-percent complete. No doubt the invoice has been submitted and paid. There is no profit to be made from collecting a couple of dozen 25litre pails and some tarpaulins.

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I watched in amazement as the various trucks blocked traffic in our little lane.

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They started at 8:30, with diesel fumes wafting upwards and the steady roar of a diesel engine idling away.

By 14:45 they were still at it. After a winter of looking like a bomb site, we get a full day of diesel engine. Still, not to worry. We can stick the cost to the client ...

The Toronto Transit Commission and Bombardier

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Just in case you were curious about why fares have to go up again – it’s because costs have gone up.

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Why have costs continued to rise? Because Bombardier is such an incompetent firm that it now has to fly streetcars to Toronto instead of floating them across the Atlantic Ocean.

Do not be misled by that line about how “All Additional Investments ... Will Be Borne By Bombardier”.

In the first place this is not an Investment. It’s a Penalty of doing business.

In the second place, these costs will be borne by the next client stupid enough to do business with Bombardier.

Just as the Toronto Transit Commission is paying for a similar deal for an earlier stupid client of Bombardier.