2017-07-15 Sat

Clear Thinking

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More complaints about people who get paid millions of dollars to make a mess of our lives.

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Brown is wrong here, however. It is not “time to stop rewarding the people who are presiding ...”.

It’s time to start penalizing the people who are presiding.

It’s time to start publicizing the goals and the measurable deliverables of executives, and when they fall short by millions of dollars, or the equivalent in days, start taking back the money they have been paid.

Right now you can draw a salary of half a million dollars and preside over a wastage of two million dollars. Imaging clawing back four years wages from such an executive.

It’s Time to sell the mansion and the Mercedes and move back into a two-bedroom apartment on the streetcar line.

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The problem here is that the performance targets and achievements are not public data where public money is being spent.


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“There’s a another building going”, I said to my friend as I pointed to the Shoppers Drug Mart, north-east corner of College-Yonge-Carlton streets.

“How do you know?”.

The answer always lies in the four foot by four foot sign posted at head level, with a large heading “Notice”.

You can spot them from about a hundred yards away.


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Photos taken by Point-And-Shooters like I never seem to be as good as those published in newspapers. Or perhaps, those touched-up.

I was walking northwards along the west side of Yonge Street and was struck by what appeared to be a patch of blue sky shining right through the new condominium at Bloor and Yonge.

Trompe-d’-Oeil didn’t even come close.