2017-07-14 Fri

The Toronto Public Library

So, this Tree-Loving Friend of mine suggests I read a book “The Hidden Life of Trees”.

I put it on hold at the Toronto Public Library and find that they have 80 copies (I think it was) and I am number 673 in a queue of 673.

Days, weeks go by and I creep forward, 300th out of 550, 200th out of 550, 100th out of 550, and so on, until I am at position 37. Not long to go now!

Then I stuck at position 37 for weeks. One of my Local Librarians worked it out – I was one of 37 people who had marked our holds “Inactive”, waiting until we were first in the queue, at which time we planned to mark our hold Active and pick up a copy of the book.

Hah! If the first person in the queue fails to pick up the the next available copy (Death, Dementia, Disability etc) then no one moves on the queue.

I marked myself Active and the book was in my hands within three days.

I read the book and returned it then, on a whim, re-reserved it to see how long it would take for me to get to position 37 again, or if, indeed, I would stall at 37.

To date I find myself at 336/471, so that’s progress. I have advanced about 200 positions since I put the book on hold for the second time.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170705_181029967.jpg

But you’ll never guess what I saw on the Used Books table in my local branch! A mint-condition copy of the book. Mine for only two dollars.

Of course I bought it, and will pas it on to my friend who can pass it on to someone else.

I am still wondering why the Library didn’t grab the copy itself and feed it into the lending machinery.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170705_181105044.jpg

No wait! There’s More!!

Inside this $2 copy was a gripping (griping?) review of the book. Bonus!!


Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170707_093837629.jpg

Just continuing to log the Days of Direct Sunlight. Soon be gone. This photo was taken on July 7th 2017