2017-07-07 Fri


Again, on the Condominium Construction in Toronto.

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I almost feel sorry for the folks who bought into a shiny new glass condo with a balcony and a great view over the downtown core and then found themselves owning a shiny new glass condo with a balcony and a great view of folks who have bought a shiny new glass condo with a balcony and a view equal to their neighbours view.

To wit. You can sit on your balcony of a morning with a cup of fresh coffee and stare at your neighbours, fifteen feet away, who, armed with a fresh coffee, are staring right back at you.

Of course, nobody does this. So nobody uses the balconies.

So why build condominiums with balconies? Except as a means of jacking up the price and the profits of developers.


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I have been amusing myself by developing Budgeting Techniques and coupled with my weight-control regime and my love of cheese, this has led me down some interesting paths.

Blue Cheese. Think Danish Blue Cheese. Think Roquefort.

The place to go ask questions about cheeses is the Saint Lawrence Markets (closed Mondays), but the prices are way up there. Still, we can pay for education once in a while.

So suppose your fiscal and avoirdupois regimes permit a little treat every now and then.

Well! Off to the supermarkets.

I discovered last week that Dominion has the cheapest at about $39/Kilogram, but only two types of Blue Cheese. Loblaws has a bigger range Ė perhaps five different Blue Cheeses, but their prices range between $49 and $80+ per Kilogram.

I didnít bother walking into Sobeys.

For a few months I bought no cheese from NoFrills, because they didnít stock Blue cheese. NoFrills as the name suggests is a place to buy essentials at the lowest prices Ė a good place to shop if you are pushing fiscal restraint.

Then I took a second look. NoFrills has Castello Blue Cheese at only $25.69 per Kilo. Worse: it comes in a belt-busting 350g packet.

I may have to stop shopping at NoFrills!