2017-07-03 Mon


The Debate consumes more trees across Canada.

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It seems to me that the only Major Election Promise Trudeau has not reneged on, is that of Legalizing Marijuana, which seems to me to be a case of reducing the Number of Offences by changing the law so that it sidles up alongside popular desires.

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A point is made regarding marijuana versus Alcohol versus Tobacco, but this argument seems always to be focused on the User, rather than on the Society, and it is society that should be consulted as far as setting standards (also known as “laws”) goes.

My limited understanding of marijuana is that it Reduces Anxiety and Stress. Smoke a Joint and you have fewer cares about the world around you.

But when people are driving cars I want them to be stressed out, at least up to the point where they truly care what is happening around them.

The last thing I need on the road is someone who has been smoking Dope, and is Chilled Out to the Groovy Point of Shrugging about a possible collision, saying “The Insurance Company will take care of it”.

No insurance company takes care of lost lives.

Clear Thinking

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Marcus Gee asks “Why all the fuss about a Transit Corridor on King Street”.

Here’s the answer: because a few people are going to get rich.

Which people? Well, for starters, Consultants, Typists, Reporters and Columnists, and of course, Suppliers and Contractors, many of who, I suspect, are the brother-in-law of the hairdresser who takes care of the hair of the wife of a cousin who plays golf with a city councilor.

Recap: There is a suggestion that a chunk of King Street be reorganized to permit Straight-Through Transit of Streetcars while diverting other Powered Vehicles onto side streets by forcing a right-hand turn at every intersection.

This might work.

But in Toronto, if the scheme does get implemented it will be with Expensive Road-Works, New Concreting, New Streetcar Platforms, Flower-Boxes, Signage, Trees in onesquarefoot cavities, Benches, Bike Racks, and every bit of stuff that can be fabricated and delivered for a fee.

If I were paying for it I’d grab a handful of 44gallon drums, some Chain, and some Padlocks, and use the water-filled drums to block off the existing street and run like that for six months.

A study of the Operating System would be cheap, and could easily be reversed if an insurmountable problem was discovered.

Once the Store Owners found that more people came shopping in the new Shopping-Friendly area, they will probably be keen to ante up extra cash to implement the scheme on a fast-track timetable.

How much does it cost to install two 44gallon drums and a padlocked chain at each intersection?