2017-07-02 Sun


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I struggle with articles like this.

Dozens of Residents are Killed by a fire that sweeps up the side of a building. The betting is that Aluminium Siding spread the blaze. As an aside, our third-year high school Chemistry Teacher Mister Crosby showed us how aluminium burns, and hence why it is used in powdered form to weld metals.

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Now the government has identified six hundred Social-Housing Projects for Examination.

Don’t they use Computers in the United Kingdom?

This should be a straightforward exercise in drafting (and I do mean a rough copy) legislation for display to the companies involved, searching the Orders Files and Invoices of all Companies that Manufacture and distribute aluminium panels, and (still with computers) tracking the destinations of those orders, and (still with computers) issuing notices to managers of those buildings, regardless of their classification as “Social-Housing” or “Retirement Towers” or “Hospital” or “Gaol” or “School”, or ... and insisting that they provide a recent fire-inspection certificate. Smoke alarms; evacuation protocols, the whole works.

And for those computers who don’t run computer systems out of their shabby fly-by-night offices under the railway arches, give them the same deadline. Get with the program or go out of business.

As for the executives who make Aluminium sidings without attending Chemistry Classes, start by fining their companies two years gross revenues.

Or something. The UK Government have their taxation records on Computers. I know that from my work in the UK in 1977.


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I have written about the Gradual Elimination of Direct Sunlight into my apartment. This is a fate that befalls Residents right across the Downtown Core.

Although I am the centre of the universe (my mother told me so), I do feel for those folks who bought Condominiums with a South-Facing Balcony who find them selves sipping and early morning coffee and staring at someone about thirty feet away staring back at them while they too sipping an early-morning coffee.

Most days now when the sun shines in through my east-facing windows, I take a Photograph, if only to record the cut-off point, in a manner of speaking.