2017-07-01 Sat

More Toronto Transit Commission Bungling

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At first glance this looks good: severe penalties if you renege on a contract with the Toronto Transit Commission. “Don’t mess with us!”.

But you don’t need to look too much deeper to see that the Toronto Transit Commission has been invoking limp-wrist Penalties in the past.

Some mindless-bureaucrat thinks “Ooh! A thousand dollars is a big sum (to me)” and determines that as a penalty well-suited to a firm that cries for Billions of Dollars in Financial aid.

The Toronto Transit Commission has a sad history of negotiating Unrealistic Contracts, and with not keeping an eye on Deliverables.

This notice (above) is proof that penalties of the past were grossly insufficient.

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And here is the proof. A thirty-five times multiplier is NOT an inflation-adjusted measure. It is an admission that the Bombardier contract was badly written by the Toronto Transit Commission.

Now, snap quiz: Since Bombardier continues to lie about its deliverables, why not re-negotiate this part of the existing contract and up the penalties for non-delivery to thirty-five times their original value? Otherwise walk away from Bombardier and be nice to Alstom.

More Toronto Transit Commission bungling

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Bombardier has made these lies before. Each time the Toronto Transit Commission raises the question of Failure-to-Deliver, Bombardier promises “Oh, things will be different from now on”, but they never are.

It is one thing for Bombardier to lie to the Toronto Transit Commission.

It is quite another thing for the Toronto Transit Commission to lie to itself, in believing that this time things will be different.

Still, I suppose if you work for the Toronto Transit Commission and have Medical, Dental, and Vacation Benefits and a nice fat Pension Guaranteed, you don’t need to spend too much time worrying about doing your job.