2017-06-30 Fri

GO Transit

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GO Transit is a Regional set of Trains and Buses that does not serve this little corner of Ontario very well. The Average Tourist or Visitor and, I have discovered, long-term residents of towns like Barrie, do not realise that GO Transit is not a Transit System.

The trains run IN to Toronto for an hour or two in the early morning, run OUT of Toronto for an hour or two in the early afternoon, and for the rest of the time – including the major part of the working-day, sit idle in Storage Yards.

The buses run back and forth, paralleling the railway lines that don’t carry trains which are parked in storage yards.

If you live outside of Toronto and want to take Public Transport (not “transit”) to the airport, under the current system you ride a bus (once every hour or so) from your cabin in the hinterland to the GO Bus Station on the east side of Bay Street, east of Union Station.

You then have two options: Hike up to Front Street, cross Bay Street, then head back down to and right through Union Station and keep walking until you reach the ill-starred Union Express on the far side of York Street, to the west of Union Station. Or you climb the stairs from the bus terminal, walk most of the way along Platform Three until you are within twenty yards of the Union Express Train platform (which is, after all, just a continuation of platform three), and then you must turn right, descend into Union Station, turn left, ascend back up to platform level, and negotiate the plywood-clad maze that is the upper level of the new (2014) York Concourse.

I have timed it – a seven-minute trip unencumbered by suitcases, toddlers and strollers.

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Now all this is going to be improved by placing the Bus Terminal even further away from the Airport Shuttle.

Who in their right mind would spend three or more hours to get to the Airport (and Multiple Fares if you are a family) when you can drive there in under sixty minutes in the Privacy of your own SUV? And you have Park’n’fly At the Airport.


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The city of Toronto is becoming famous for its Street Furniture, known in the trade as Orange Cones.

This collection outside Ryerson University on Gerrard Street has been falling over in disarray ever since they strung up the Yellow Tape some two or more months ago.

No work is being done here and as far as I can tell, there is no work left to be done.

But the folks who work for Toronto City Council have become accustomed to the tradition of cutting down on work and saving time by loading the tools into the truck and leaving the orange cones behind.

You can always buy new cones online, they say.

And charge the Extra Expense to the city, after tacking on your Customary Mark-up.

I would start a little business where I roamed the city collecting orange cones and diamond signs in a mid-sized truck, hosing them down, and re-selling them at 10% of their online cost.