2017-06-27 Tue

Toronto Transit Commission Trips 4 of 6

Tuesday 20th June from York University Keele/Steeles campus to home (College Subway station).

This time I accompanied my contact to the 199 Express bus. This bus Rockets from the York Campus to Scarborough stopping only at the major streets, so, Dufferin, Bathurst, Yonge (i.e. Finch Subway Station). I transferred to my subway line and was home in sixty minutes.

Why hadnít I thought of using this bus before? Because my 2016 Toronto Transit Commission map shows these 19x express bus routes in pale green rather than red, and so my eye was caught by the 21-stop #60 route and did not spot the green express.

What kind of a bus map is this for Red-Green Colour Blind People?


There is something seriously wrong with Retirement ...

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170621_111509194.jpg

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170621_111517127.jpg

... when you have to pay into a Pension Plan by staying alive until you are 102 years old. And not much help in Pharmaceutical and Dental Benefits to carry you there, too.

No wonder retirees are seen as a drain on the economy!


Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170621_112135257.jpg

I found this lovely quotation in a Saturday edition of The Globe And Mail.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170621_112147637.jpg

I thought it was an Excellent Portrayal of Frugality. Itís not about hoarding a Meagre Amount of Cash. Itís about spending that meagre amount of cash.

But spending it only on things that matter to you.

Why should I spend Five Dollars to watch a movie at Carlton Cinemas on a Tuesday night, when for five dollars I can purchase five VCR tapes or DVDs of classic movies, and watch all five, for ever and ever, in the privacy of my own home, use slow-mo and fast-forward, take as many tea-and--pee-breaks as I like, ...

I was to embark on a 4-day course of antibiotics (no dairy products, please) on Wednesday, so Monday night I spent Twenty Dollars at Loblaws on Cheese, Ice-Cream, and Prawns. Smart Feast before the famine.