2017-06-24 Sat

TTC Trips 1 of 6

In the space of eight days I used the Toronto Transit Commission six times. Here are the accounts of those trips.

Tuesday 13th June from home (College subway) to York University Keele and Steeles campus.

In the northbound train I noticed that the Air-Conditioning was on full blast, cooling down the car. A reasonable thing since the preceding two days were “Heat Alert” days here in Toronto. That is, we are in summer already!

I noticed too that my left shin was roasting on account of the floor Heating Unit operating at full bore.

Now you may think: Why have the Heating turned on in summer time?

Now you may think: Why have the heating turned on in summer time when almost by definition a subway train is heated by default from the energy shed in the tunnels of the system.

Now you may think: Why have the heating turned on at the same time as the (cooling) air-conditioning?

Now you may think: What kind of a System Engineer allows both cooling and heating to be on at the same time?

These and other questions I took to a train clerk in the despatch booth at the southern end of the Finch platform.

The bottom line: The driver of the train cannot switch the heating off. This can only be done by maintenance staff in “The Yard”.

My contact at York University asked me about my trip. I mentioned the heating. “Oh yes”, she said, “I’ve often noticed that the heat is on in those (new) subway cars in the summer time.”

I took the #60 bus from Finch which, twenty-one stops later, entered the Campus at the NE corner but refused to do a quick tour of the campus to allow people to be dropped off near where they work or study.

I Walked about fifteen minutes in the rain across to the NW corner.


Back on Thursday 30th March this year I documented the fact that it takes Toronto three YEARS to relay sod in an enclosed space with Vehicular Access on three sides.

The blight has spread. Now even the little paved area leading to the bomb site has been taken over as a training ground for? Shovelers? Back-hoe operators? Sod-layers?

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Will it never end?