2017-06-17 Sat


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I have given up my attempts to learn Spanish.

There are many reasons for this, amongst them my annoyance at the Spanish-speaking people I have met. All four of them have been young Ė say in their thirties, and this is not about them being Spanish Ė every one of them has been charming and generous with their time.

Itís about being Young, and Addicted to their Smart Phones.

I am an Old-Fashioned Fuddy-Duddy, and I think that when two people have set aside time to talk with each other, literally in my case, to talk and listen to Spanish being spoken, then that time is precious, whether it happens once a week or every day.

When I have Committed my (travel) time to be at a place of Meeting, and have committed my time to sit with someone, let alone the cost of the meal or coffee, I rather expect the other person to treat the event as a Special Opportunity to gaze into each otherís eyes (literally!) and focus on Nuances of the Language.

Doesnít happen.

While I am talking or while they are talking, their eyes and hands drift down towards the smart phone and they begin a texting conversation with someone else.

Am I that boring? If so, we should stop meeting.

Am I that uninteresting? If so, we should stop meeting.

Am I that trivial? If so, we should stop meeting.

So yesterday I decided to abandon the fourth, and for me final attempt to converse in Spanish.

I donít mind if someone warns me that they are expecting a phone call about (a) an Upcoming Job Interview or (b) the success or failure of their Fatherís Hernia Operation. That, to me, is quite valid. Also the ensuing sudden cessation of the meeting and a mad dash to the hospital (or client site if they are lucky!).

I donít expect to be the most important part in your life.

But for this hour I have made you the most important part in my life. Probably powered my phone right off, too.

If you donít feel that way about me, then we donít have to meet on these terms any more.

Iím old enough to know when to cut my losses.