2017-06-11 Sun

SUFE (Second Use For Everything)

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Back on Thursday 25th May I wrote about Markham City Councilís brilliant idea to ban Black Garbage Bags and insist on clear, Transparent Garbage bags so that staff could monitor what is being tossed. In Markham, Management Measures!

Here we see that Toronto City Council has decided to run a Pilot Project, the cityís one-size-fits-all answer to every problem to monitor what is going on inside the egregious and ubiquitous black garbage bag.

Obviously Toronto City Council doesnít read The Toronto Star, otherwise they could have spent five minutes passing a By-Law banning black (or green or purple or orange or ...) plastic garbage bags and instituted a clear-bags only policy. ďYou have twelve months to finish using your opaque bags.Ē

Instead we will now spend money Studying why we cannot see through opaque garbage bags.

Talk about waste!

SUFE (Second Use For Everything)

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Well, the Experiment with the Plastic Shelving didnít work. I rescued it from the Recycling Area across the laneway and for six months placed plants on it.

The problem was that the shelving obstructed too much of my north-facing window so (sob!) I have dismantled and rinsed it and it is ready to go to a friendís place in Clarkson. My friend has a balcony.

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I used this opportunity to rationalize my house plants, moving them one by one to the Four-Gallon Water Kegs that the Office leaves out for Recycling, so my friend if she is [un]lucky will be getting a couple of dozen Pots and Baskets at the same time.