2017-06-06 Tue


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We have been without College Park for about a year now.

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I am staggered that it takes Toronto two and a half years to re-make a park.

Prior to the closure we had some Grassy areas, and some Muddy areas.

But we had a place we could walk through instead of being forced to walk along the busy peak-hour streets of Gerrard, Bay, and Yonge.

Three Construction Seasons to skim off the topsoil and spread new stuff over the old space? Ok, put in a few planters, put in some new trees because the old ones were growing above the two-storey limit, . But three construction seasons?


I am lagging behind in my writing.

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This Laneway runs between Cumberland and Yorkville, and is the last leg on my northward walk towards Yorkville Public Library.

We have had Condominium Construction going on for a year now, and back on May 27th I noticed just how much the surface had cracked towards the Multi-Story Pit that will soon be a towering condominium.

Hmmm, I thought. I wonder how dangerous this is?

Then on June 1st I entered the laneway from the southern end and found a construction crew at work. It might be interesting to see how you stop a laneway sliding into a pit