2017-06-03 Sat

Torontoís UPExpress

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The Toronto Star ran yet another article on the UPExpress, the poorly-planned non-service between Torontoís International Airport and an isolated spot on Lake Ontario.

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Halving the fares produced a boost in ridership, but the latest figures I saw said that ridership had doubled, so no real change in revenues there, right?

Now the Transit Agency wonít release estimates. Estimates, please, not audited figures.

Thatís another good sign that things are going badly.

If things were going well, Metrolinx and UPExpress would be all over themselves bragging about how good they are.


The Presto Card

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You can now put your monthly Toronto Transit Commission pass on your Presto Card.

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Nothing is changed.

It is still $117 for a Seniorís Pass ($146 regular) that gets you to Steeles Avenue, the limits of Toronto City Ė not the limits of the Toronto GTA.

The Navigo Card gives you a monthís travel on the Transilean train and bus system across the Ile de France Ė think Kitchener-Orillia-Cobourg-Toronto Ė for about Ä70, say $110, with faster trains operating in both directions eighteen hours a day.

Iím just saying, that until Southern Ontario gets its head around the concept of Planning, Long-Term Planning, things can only get worse.