2017-05-25 Thu

Second Use For Everything (SUFE)

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A brilliant piece of management in Markham (not Toronto, of course), where the Markham City Council had a brilliant (and here the word deserves to be used twice in the same sentence) idea of wait for it you budget-conscious readers switched to Clear Plastic for Garbage Bags.

And Im prepared to bet that they used up all their old black/green bags before switching to clear, because if you tossed your old black bags, unused, into the clear bags, itd be spotted, right?

How much more expensive are clear bags than opaque bags? I dont know?

How much is it easier to hide the fact that you are tossing re-usable items in your opaque bags rather than clear bags? I do know that, and the answer came to me at about 300,000cms/sec.

And look! Its not about the individual. Any idiot can wrap useable stuff in the middle of the clear plastic bag. Its the number. Management Measures! You need only eyeball every, say, tenth clear plastic bag to get an idea of the-next-big-class of re-usable items.

Target that class of re-usable items, and when thats done, go back to eye-balling the next-big- class of re-usable items


Congratulations to Markham City Council


Last night I engaged in a conversation about Food, Appetite, and Eating. My friend often skips Breakfast and Lunch; I notice a change in mood partway through the meal, and I attribute this to the snappishness and negativity being replaced by Good Vibrations once the stomach is satisfied. I could be wrong ...

There is a world of difference between appetite and eating. We burn something like 2,000 calories per day, and a third of this is consumed by the brain, so even if I lie in bed all day, I am still Burning Energy. That energy must come from food. That means I have to eat.

When I lie in bed with a bad cold, it is important that I eat and drink good foods, so that my resting body gets the energy it needs to fight the Virus, or the Exhaustion.

Meanwhile back at the ranch ... I dont have anything in my home as tasty or as appealing as what I can het when I eat out. Which prompted the obvious remark ... but let us gloss over that part of the conversation.

Today we had solid rain, from the time I woke up until about 2pm. A gloomy day. A stay-inside-and-read day. I made an inventory of what I might eat:-

(1)I have a bit of Blue Cheese left over, and a packet of Ryvita crackers

(2)I have Potatoes, so I could make potato cakes

(3)I have potatoes, so I could make french fries

(4)I have Frozen Peas and Corn, so I can microwave a bowl of tasty vegetables, sprinkled with ground black pepper and laced with margarine

(5)I have Popped Corn, I pop it myself and maintain two four-litre tubs in the fridge.

(6)I have a litre tub of home-made raisin-and-oatmeal Cookie Mix; I can bake myself some cookies.

(7)Or I could mix up a batch of Ginger Snap cookies

(8)I have Eggs to be boiled

(9)I have eggs to be scrambled.

(10)I have eggs to be fried

(11)I have onions, and I love Fried Onions on Toast.

(12)I have Yeast and Bread Flour; I love hot fresh bread, spread with margarine or butter

(13)I have Chicken Breasts, boneless, cut into thirds.

(14)Not strictly foodstuffs, but I almost always have a pile of books to read and movies to watch. If the rain clamps down again its off-to-bed for me with popcorn, blue cheese, cookies, and some Marx Brothers movies.