2017-05-15 Mon

Pride Toronto and Black Lives Blackmail

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Never forget that the group Black Lives matter held the pride parade hostage last year, blackmailing the parade and the organizers by holding a sit-down protest at the intersection of Church and Yonge for thirty minutes.

Never forget that despite the presence of Toronto Police, both in the parade and in the crowd, the sit-down protesters did NOT get hauled away by Toronto Police on charges of obstruction (or similar).

Never forget that blackmailers were at work.

Never give in to blackmailers.

Me? Iíd ban blackmailers (how appropriate is that word right now) from being in, or near, the parade.

It is black blackmailers that give blacks a black name.

The Cruddy Presto Card

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I have written elsewhere about the failings of the Presto card.

Not the failings of the machinery on the surface vehicles of the Toronto Transit Commission fleet. I now suspect the Toronto Transit Commission machines failed because they were using specialized software that does not report your balance.

Yes, your balance. The Presto card is a reduction card. Each trip draws on your balance against the day when you go to use your Presto card and find that you are going to walk to work this morning.

Well, so, anyway, I was delighted to read that Shoppers Drug Mart will be providing me with the ability to (a) check my balance and (b) top up my card Ė something you can do ONLY by riding the Toronto Transit Commission to the Davisville offices. Thatís a two-ticket trip.

There is a Shoppers Drug Mart right by College Subway station. I walk past it every time I go to use the subway, or ride a College streetcar, or board a Yong Street bus.

My heart leapt.

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My heart sank when I discovered that only ten of the hundreds(?) of Shoppers Drug Mart stores will house the pilot project.

(later) I must correct myself. I thought it was a pilot project, but these ten stores are reported as being the ďinitial locationsĒ.