2017-05-14 Sun


Back on the 8th August last year, Workmen began Stripping Exterior Paneling from the north side of my building.

The Work Continued while I was away, and continued after I got back, and Appeared to Be Completed by about December.

Then the workers disappeared, I assumed because of a few days of bad weather, but it turned out they had all gone to Florida and Arizona with their Overtime Pay.

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On the 8th of May this year Ė nine months to the day after work began, a crew came and spent the day Clanging Scaffolding Pipes from one pile to another.

That week was spent erecting scaffolding along the west side of the building and across the lower floors of the south face.

By my calculations this crew will finish the job sometime in August 2019.

Clear Thinking

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Another day, another flood in North America (itís a large enough continent to host a major flood somewhere each day of the year). Another life, two by the sounds of it, claimed when a Motor Vehicle was driven into, or at least, too close to, a Current of Water.

I think I will write this up as a formal document.

In the meantime, bear this in mind:-

The energy contained in a moving fluid is proportional to the CUBE OF THE VELOCITY.

If the creek normally runs at 3KM/hr and today it is running at 12Km/hr, thatís 4 times the velocity, 64 times the energy.

Throw in that the water is, say three or four times as high and you have a greater Cross-Sectional Area of your wheels Absorbing that Energy.

Throw in the Lubricated Ball-Bearings (wet gravel) and that fact that your pickup truck is powerful ONLY in the forward/backward direction, and is merely a sardine-can when treated sideways, and you are pretty well guaranteed a frightening death.

Never drive into, or close to, a current of water.