2017-05-09 Tue


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I am re-reading Colonel Repington’s “The First World War”. Repington died in, I think, 1925, so go back and re-read the title.

That’s right! He titled the work “The First World War” because he believed that it was not the war to end all wars. He figured that there would be a second war.

Smart cookie. Or Gambler. Take your pick.

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This time I am pacing myself, reading his entry only for the current day. Unusual for Repington, he has bunched several days together this week, so I can pig out today, and then have nothing left until the weekend.

I find it fascinating to read exactly one hundred years ago from “today” each day.

Repington roundly condemns Kitchener, as do all Repington’s acquaintances - according to Repington. My early readings of Kitchener were that he did a great deal fr the allies in this World war, Repington says not so.

Kitchener was drowned when the ship he was on was torpedoed off the north-west coast of the UK. He was on a mission to Norway?/Russia?