2017-04-30 Sun

I received a reference to a Toronto Star article about “The Village”, Gerrard Street at Bay, running to Yonge.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170428_121533676.jpg

It is almost all high-rise now, but the article did mention five of the original buildings.

I think these are they, north-west corner of Bay and Gerrard.

The isolated building (circled in purple) is “Jimmy’s”, a trendy little take-out Coffee Shop, right across the street from my favourite Enterprise Car Rental shop.


I listened to a podcast about Spirolina algea last week.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170429_152722377.jpg

Then walking down Yonge Street I spotted the Aroma chain of coffee shops pushing Spirolina.

NASA research papers have been around since at least 1988, say Thirty years, so this is not a new discovery, but is probably a fad-of-the-year thing, like Flax Seed, and Gluten-Free.

For what it is worth I am still restricting myself to ice-creams that are gluten free ...