2017-04-29 Sat


It doesn’t take much to fascinate me!

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I liked the little phrase “Successive Unsuccessful Missile”, a lovely snippet of alliteration in an otherwise mind-numbing article, I thought.


I left the Eaton Chelsea after my regular Saturday Morning coffee and walked through the cul de sac to Yonge Street.

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I know that I have commented on the south-east corner of Yonge and Gerrard. Not twelve months ago the street and sidewalk were rebuilt, after which the corner buildings were marked for demolition (and hence destruction of the new sidewalks) by paper in the windows.

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Now it is clear that about two thirds of the block is due to be razed in one swell foop. I don’t see the Big Slice, VIP, Doner Kebab and Noori holding out much longer.

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Nor Remingtons. The remainder of the block, almost as far as Elm street is blanketed in the same style of paper, a sign tat one demolition form is getting ready to bulldoze the lot.