2017-04-07 Fri


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I mainly walk between College and Bloor Streets. It is faster than descending into the underground for a train. I take a train about once a week – if the weather is lousy I take the train, if I am returning from the outskirts of the city, or laden with bags I take the train. As I say, about once a week.

So it was with a child-like thrill I saw on my walk up Bloor Street the uncovered tunnel of the subway line in this early stage of construction.

The backhoe’s shovel is resting on the roof of the tunnel as it winds its way downhill from Wellesley station to College station.

As I stood there a train or two went through.

Which makes me wonder: Given the need for underground parking, will the parking garage be built around the subway?

Clear Thinking

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I wonder, then, where the money will come from. Surely it must come either from the hydro bills that taxpayers pay, or from Provincial Funds. Which themselves come from taxpayers.

Ontario’s hydro bills have grown remarkably in the past ten to fifteen years, largely, we are told, because of inane decisions made by inept politicians.

We shouldn’t be surprised that a politician gets this statement wrong, either.

It’s what they do best – try to cover up mistakes.

And please note that I wrote “try to cover up”, not “cover up”. IMHO Politicians are not very good at covering up mistakes.