2017-04-06 Thu


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Two years ago a friend and I decided to dine Italian at this place. We entered, sat ourselves down, and watched the waiter for a few minutes, engaged as he was in conversation.

After a minute or two we rose, walked out, and went to the Chinese place next door.

So it was a much-delayed sigh of relief I saw that the Italian-who-doesn’t-want-customers appears to have gone out of business.

Clear Thinking

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I have struggled – and failed – to understand Desmond Cole’s article. I can see that he is making a point. I can’t work out what his point is, regardless of the editor’s headline.

I do know that BLM held the parade to ransom during the Gay pride Parade last year.

I have not heard that the other (five dozen?) participating floats and groups in the parade appreciated being held to ransom.

I have heard that nobody likes the fact that BLM Blackmailed (there’s no other word for it) the city, and especially the thousands of people who came to watch, cheer on, and support the parade.

Third-World cities can accommodate blackmail.

A city which pretends to be world-class should not tolerate blackmail.

A group which blackmails the city should not be tolerated.

I am quite right-wing on this. I believe that the city should make it clear when issuing the parade license that ANY attempt at disruption to the flow of the parade will be met with police action, including arrests, gaol and charges.

That doesn’t mean that I am pro-Gay-pride-Parade.

It means that if a parade is to be held, then the accompanying street blockage should be kept to a minimum. And that means that the parade has to keep moving so that we can, literally, Take Down the Barriers.

I would argue the same for the parade to celebrate North American Model Railroaders or the Provincial Battery of Bee-Keepers.