2017-03-18 Sat

Clear Thinking

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This is not about Germanyís labour laws.

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And this is not about women.

Itís about expectations. In this case, the German rate (of whatever we are measuring) was below the Canadian rate. Now it has drawn equal.

That tells us nothing at all about the future.

Hereís a reverse example:-

I weight 170 pounds. I go on a diet and start losing weight at the rate of one pound per week. I am happy, my doctor is happy, my tailor is happy ...

I canít go on losing weight at one pound per week for more than three years, though, for by then I would be down to about twenty pounds. That is, I would be dead.

Weight loss occurs rapidly when we change our lifestyle. Getting rid of those first ten pounds of excess fat and water is easy. Thatís why the weight-loss scams promise that you can lose ten pounds in ten days.

Itís in the long haul that the rates slip away.

Likewise with the German/Canadian (or Icelandic/Australian or men/women or this/that comparisons of rates).

If Canada is already at its stretching-point in accommodating women, donít expect Germany to surge past.

Women-in-the-workplace is a commendable view, but it is a process, not an act, and all processes take time, and that means that they proceed at a rate.

That rate is largely governed by overcoming inertia.

ďOnce old Chris dies, weíll give the directorship to a womenĒ.