2017-03-17 Fri

Clear Thinking

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Fire the lot of them!

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Ask yourself: How can a University organization not understand the most basic law of copyright?

The right to copy rests with the author UNLESS there is a public statement to the contrary.

Ask yourself: How can a University organization not understand the most basic corollary of the law of copyright?

If you are not sure, then don’t copy. Ask the AUTHOR!

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Above all, Fire Him! This guy is the Director of the centre. I have an idea how much he makes, and I am willing to bet a lunch anywhere in Toronto that it is closer to $100,000 than it is to $18,000, and that’s before the benefit package is thrown in.

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My apologies for the cruddy shot. This photo is a mistake that has NOT been corrected.

Anyway, ... Where copyright is violated, I think that we need more than a mistake to be corrected. We need amends to be made. “Free” copies of the works are now rolling around the internet. How many copies are out there? How many more copies will be made year by Year? And who will pay the corresponding amount to the authors (Hint: See “$100,000” above).

Shouldn’t hurt him to pay it out, year after year, forever.

After all, most of the books would retail for twenty dollars or less, a thought that probably flitted through Nathan Brown’s mind for a millisecond or two.

I mean, he must have reasoned, “It’s not as if twenty dollars is a lot of money ...”

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Snap Quiz: Which libraries do NOT have notices about copyright posted all over the place?

Snap Quiz: Who has received a high-school education or beyond and NOT been warned about copyright?

Especially for Material Gain.