2017-03-11 Sat

Toronto City Council and the sidewalks

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What do I know about Civil Engineering, right?

When I left for Poissy last September, Grenville street was dug up, the sidewalks a mess.

Long after I came back Grenville street was still dug up. Then around November or December some nice men came along and laid new sidewalks.

“Nice” because they ripped out the old bit of pavement near the ramp into the Coroners Court and we found that we no longer have a Puddle every time it rains.

What do I know about Civil Engineering, right?

Now I see that the Graffiti Underground Movement, dedicated to digging up wherever they think a Gas, Electrical, TV Cable, Water, or other Underground Utility is buried – have been along with their cans of Spray-Glo.

Can this mean that our new (it is no longer pristine) sidewalk is about to be dug up?

Why can’t this Graffiti Underground Movement do their work before the sidewalk is laid? Or at least, take on some form of underground pubic transit project?

The sad job of a scientist

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I am reading the annotated version of Jerome K Jerome’s “Three Men in a Boat (to say nothing of the dog) and came across this little snip of history, which I’ve met time and time again over the years.

I love the wording: “ ... so conclusive that it took only a few years and several thousand more deaths to act ...”.

Reminds me of Grassy Narrows. It has been fifty years since Ten Tons of Mercury were allowed to be dumped into the River System.