2017-03-09 Thu

The Inter-Library Loans and the Toronto Public Library

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I am still delirious with Inter-Library Loans via the Toronto Public Library. This book Ė a Martin Gardiner classic from the early sixties Ė came to me courtesy of Lakehead University, which is, I suppose, up in Thunder bay near the head of The Great Lakes.

Hooray! For Inter-Library Loans and the Toronto Public Library.

The Trees of Toronto - Grenville Street

I feel that I cannot stress enough the duplicity of Toronto City Council.

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Work plods on in a desultory manner at securing the death of the new trees.

The photo above shows a concrete plinth with a flower bed structure. You THINK that the soil area available to the tree is pretty big, huh?

Donít forget that under that layer of earth is Ė concrete!

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170227_074704374.jpg

Here you can see that the earth has been spread out across the concrete barrier. Had the workers been a tad more conscientious, the earth would have been set right up to the flower-bed walls, and we wouldnít be aware that concrete was bare.

Make no mistake. This tree, and the others like it, are effectively encased in a very narrow cylinder of concrete and I predict that they will all be dead before I die.