2017-03-08 Wed

Eating Out

I continue to check out a local diner/café each week with my pal Jake.

We did Chopsticks House last week. Not bad.

Jake has disgusting taste not only in friends (me!) but also in food. He allowed the waitress to persuade him to eat deep-fried intestines (maybe they were intestines-in-soup, which would look even more disgusting)

I stuck with a sweet-and-sour chicken

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170222_173345887.jpg

One block down is another little place for another week.

All of these places will disappear within ten years as the developers tear down the Victorian architecture and replace it with glass-walled Starbucks cafes and Taco houses.

Retired and Frugal (Second Use For Everything)

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170224_063935386.jpg

About two months ago I needed something like pitted dates or stewed prunes and found myself staring at a flyer for Bulk Barn.

Now Bulk Barn is not cheap; it is way more expensive than No-Frills, but it is just next door, and it always has ground ginger on hand whereas Loblaws and Dominion can sometimes be a disappointment.

So I read the flyer. There were three coupons, one for the current week, one for the week after, and one for the week after that.

The math is simple – three dollars off if you buy ten dollars of stuff or more.

The tactics are equally simple – buy as close to ten dollars worth of stuff as you can – pitted dates, stewed prunes and ground ginger – and you get a thirty percent discount.

When gasoline is at $1.14 a litre, would YOU like to buy it at eighty cents?

This week another flyer, thirty percent off over three weeks.

I got smart. Clutching my flyer I darted to the recycle bin and fished a half-dozen flyers out. I now have more coupons than I can use.

Maybe the time has come to dash off a little application in VBA to optimize these opportunities ...