2017-03-01 Wed

The Trees of Toronto - Grenville Street

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170221_150032293.jpg

This is going to be an extended series. I am focusing on the New Trees that have been in the process of being planted since last November. They have been piled in Hessian-Wrapped Bundles, dropped into holes, covered with earth, uncovered back to the balls, recovered ...

This photo taken on the 21st of January shows the tree on the north-west corner of St Nicholas Lane and Grenville street with the recently dumped soil removed, the tree root ball being somewhat Exposed and Susceptible to Freezing, should the temperature ever drop below freezing point in January. In Toronto.

Wry laugh.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170222_145545211.jpg

Same tree. The rain has stopped and I have made it to the other side of the road, one day later.

Yes, those are Pinewood Laths, the sort that are used to hold shuttering prior to and during a Concrete pour.

Yes, concrete has been poured around the perimeter of the tree’s space.

Yes, sterile gravel and clay has been used to make a layer around the tree ball.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170222_145547086.jpg

Here is a another view of the city’s efforts to plant a healthy tree and then enclose it with materials that could not be better designed to stifle healthy growth of the tree and its friendly Fungi, Nematode, and Micro-Biological Colonies.

Small wonder that Toronto trees remain spindly until the day they die.

More to come ...