2017-02-20 Mon

Go Transit and the Presto Card

On the same day I experienced another problem on my way home.

I climbed off the GO train at Union and came across a couple that was lost. “Here”, I said. “Let me show you the way”, and I did, and they thanked me.

Ever mindful of the need to keep my Presto Card pumped up (see “The Toronto Transit Commission and the Presto Card”) I went and stood in line and ended up sliding my card and a $20 note across a ticket-wicket.

The nice man (all ground staff are nice, it’s the management that is hairy) said “Uh-Oh”, and that he couldn’t add the $20 until I had tapped off.

In my eagerness to help the lost couple, I had forgotten to tap-off.

I find it significant that the clerk could see, or could at least work out, that I must have forgotten to tap off. Presumably the Presto Card showed that I had boarded the train at Clarkson half an hour ago, and was now being billed for travelling to Oshawa when the train was still in Union Station!

The nice man can’t tap me off, even though he believes that I really am in Union Station, and really did forget to tap off. If he adds $20 to the card, the can’t then reverse the earlier charge.

I find that very weird, than a GO Transit employee, spotting a problem, is not able to resolve the problem for the poor addled-brained user.

My options were:-

(1) Leave the queue, find a tap-station, tap out, and rejoin the queue.

(2) Head straight for the Toronto Transit Commission and forget about using the Presto Card and fall back on a Senior’s ticket.