2017-02-16 Thu


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From time to time I do the Sudoku puzzle in the Toronto Star. I always do the crossword puzzle and find that more rewarding, because it can increase my vocabulary, and at times forces me to look up an atlas or gazetteer, whereas solving Sudoku teaches me nothing.

So I was amazed this week to see an initial pattern that gave the initial of my family name!

Oooooh! Mystical!

Clear Thinking

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The jury is still out on the school board member who used the word “Nigger”.

The case hasn’t yet gone to court, but my study of John Grisham novels tells me that the lawyers are surely circling.

In the meantime, our provincial (and I use the word decidedly) premier digs herself deeper into a hole with the statement that “individuals have to make their own decisions”.

This is just not true.

I think the premier is lying.

While individuals can make their own decisions most of the time, there are times when The State steps in and makes decisions for them.

Easy examples are when people suffer mental illness. The state can step in and order a psychiatric assessment. When people kill other people (or animals for that matter, even trees in Toronto) the state steps in and orders an arrest and a trial.

Despite the fact that I decide I would like to go on a rampage, the state has already decided that I should not be allowed to do that. In this province of Ontario, I am not allowed to drive an automobile on the left-hand side of the street. The feds would back up the Provs on this one.

School Boards in Ontario are under attack already, but given the always-heated arguments about racism and hate-crimes, I see little negative value in the province yanking the offending member from the school board and letting the dust settle.

I suspect that officials have bigger axes to grind. Although that’s probably an inappropriate metaphor, given that an axe is used to attack a woodpile.