2017-02-15 Wed

Toronto Public Library

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I continue to make ore-than-full use of the Toronto Public Library system, including this latest book, trucked to Yorkville Public Library from the Huron County library.

Christopher Greaves Huron County.png

The retail price sticker reads $46.95, so with tax, say $50+.

Mine for the simple task of logging in and clicking on the ďHoldĒ button.

This is a deal that canít be beaten.

In particular, suppose that after reading the book I think Iíd like to own a copy. I can look out for one in a second-hand book store, or order one online from AbeBooks or similar.

Or even drop $50+ on a counter somewhere. But at least Iíll have the knowledge that, for me, it is worth the $50.

I donít have to lay out $50 and hope that I get my moneyís worth.

Three cheers for the Toronto Public Library and the Southern Ontario Library Systems!