2017-02-10 Fri


Trump-this and Trump-that. What a mine of data for the news media.

Three weeks have passed since his inauguration and so far Iíve batted pretty well.

I have pointed out that the USA is the nation of people that rejected the concept of a single individual running the nation. 1776. Remember that? It was when they kicked out the then-King of England and set up a republic of the people for the people.

Itís the same USA.

I have pointed out that for all that the president of the USA is touted as the Most Powerful Man in the Most Powerful Nation on Earth, that that is not, and never has been, the case. The President, for all his helicopters and armed secret service men (they are the ones in uniform dark suits with ear-buds), is still a Figurehead. A persuasive figurehead, but a figurehead nonetheless.

I have pointed out that the USA is the way it is because that is the way the USA wants it to be.

Case in point: Manufacturing jobs going to cheap labour in Mexico. Bring those jobs back to the USA and either (a) the USA workers get paid Mexican wages or (b) the price of the product goes up so high that sales fall, the company folds, and the workers are out-of-work, again.

There are two books worth reading to get some idea of the Trump background. Each book should take you no more than four hours to read. Rollicking good entertainment and deep insight. Fiction, masquerading as fact, or maybe fact and we hadnít realized it.

(1)†John Grisham ďThe BrethrenĒ to learn how a President might get elected as a puppet of powerful interests.

(2)†John Grisham ďThe AppealĒ to learn how a Supreme Court Judge might get elected as a puppet of powerful interests.

Then go to sleep with pleasant dreams.

Money is in its heaven and allís right with The World.